This is only beginning.

19 May

There is no way to describe feelings. We show them. Feelings, emotions, all things that we try so hard to find words to describe that in the end, we just show them. I have been married for 3 years. Her name is Cynthia. I came to her with a little suitcase named Kassandra Joy. Joy is because she brought joy to my life in some difficult times. Cynthia came along and not only brought joy, but she brought love, true love, real love; something that I had been desiring for some time. She had it and she wanted to give it away. The best part of this beginning story of Cynthia and I is that she waited. She waited for me. She waited for us.

Going on 3 years of marriage now, there are 4 of us. Jorge, Cynthia, Kassandra, Tobias. Tobias was named after a character from the West Wing. We were eating dinner in Chilie’s and she looked at me and thought “how could we have missed this?” Toby Ziggler in the TV show the West Wing was an intelligent man. A man of integrity. Stubborn as heck, but he loved justice. That was something we wanted to instill in our son. Kassandra and Toby play. They fight, cry, laugh, smile, sit and watch TV together and it all works. They are the perfect picture of a brother and a sister and yet they are far from being perfect.

There is so much more to this little story with a beginning, that has yet to even consider the middle, and doesn’t even want to look at the end. I guess, if I were to classify the the middle and the end it would be that the middle is when Kassandra and Toby get married, but then, there is another beginning. If I were to give this an end, it would be either when Christ returns or I am 6 feet under. Either way, my end could be someone’s middle and someone else’s bImageeginning. But they are all stories.

I am going to record my life for the next couple of years as continue to learn to be a husband, father. I am going to record my experiences from school, church. and life. I hope that you enjoy. Tell your friends and be encouraged. Thanks.



One Response to “This is only beginning.”

  1. twilk68 May 19, 2012 at 3:29 am #

    You wait, sir. The writing bug will get you, and it will be hard to stop. I like it because I can say whatever I want and have time to think about it first. I get all verklempt when I actually talk to people

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