A sense of accomplishment

19 May

My last day of school in Fresno, Ca., my sixth grade teacher told my dad that I hated change. She was right. We left Fresno and came to Yuma and ended up at Pecan Grove. Horrible! No after school cartoons because we didn’t have cable? Are you kidding me? I got over it. Jr. High. I was in band and it identified me. My band director looked out for me so when I was in 8th grade and had to move to another school, he was not happy. Woodard Jr. High. The worst 3 months, outside of first moving to Yuma, of my life! The kids in band did not take anything serious. I was constantly telling them that they sucked and that their lack of interest in music was disgusting. The looked at me like I was from Mars. The silver lining in those 3 months was one, I got to go back to Fresno for the summer and two, I was going to Yuma High. Best Band, no doubt. 4 years I would never forget. something happened also in those 4 years. I started to play the bass guitar. (more on that later). The trips, the competitions, the bus rides, Vegas, Flagstaff, you name it, it was all worth it! It felt good walking the line and hearing my name, I know that my parents were proud. I would have to say especially my dad.

Here is where it gets complicated. I started to work my senior year and was also leading worship in a local church of about 100 people in Yuma. Things looked good. I felt a calling on my life. I loved God, worship, and I loved music. I fit right in. I was at this church for 4 years and built a solid team. Never a drummer though, I don’t know why. I then went and helped my uncle as he was starting a new church. It grew. It was amazing. God was doing amazing things. I was working with some of the young people, teaching them music, teaching them worship, teaching them God. The soaked it in. I looked, and saw what God was doing and thought that this is what God wants me to do. Then the split.

I stayed as long as I could after. Built, disciple, trained, encouraged, and then I was gone. Driving home that night I kind of felt like the Apostle Paul. He loved the churches he planted. He knew that is what God had for him. It was a good time. But, I had to leave.

I got a job teaching music to kids. Realizing that the Jr. High in San Luis didn’t have a band, I stuck my nose in the right place and got the job. The first year, we played at the basketball games. The only Jr. High to have a pep band. The next year, we learn to march. That’s where Harry Ramirez came in and said, I got this. By the end of that year, we were doing something different again and knew that it was only going to get better. The next couple of years, we started adding things to “our show”. Split the band in half. Make them cross each other making the formation of what seemed to be diamonds. We would march towards people, it was fun seeing the crowds faces when they saw the band marching towards them, then, were moving away. The last year I was there, we did 13 parades, took the commanders trophy for the Yuma Veterans day parade and went to Prescott again. Then, the decision. You can only be a band teacher, we can not give you another job.

Full time ministry is tough, especially when you work for a small church. I made a few attempts at some songs, some of which caught on and some didn’t. I lead worship for various events, discipled some people. Went to Panama for ministry. It was good. I felt accomplished that finally, I was were God wanted me to be. But, something changed

If that was were God wanted me to be, it was short lived. If it wasn’t, then there had to be something better. Then, in the midst of change, uncertainty, at times, chaos; I realized something.

This woman, these kids. This family. This ministry to build and disciple. This family. That was and is my accomplishment. Not leading worship in a theater in Washington in front of 5,000 people. It wasn’t leading worship at 5 different camps in one year. It is none of those things. What God had for me was my family.

Now, as I serve in an amazing church, I still look at these 3 people, MY own personal church, and I think that yes, THIS is what God wants. This is where he wants me. This is my accomplishment.

And I am not even close to being done.


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